Help for Baby Boomers

Much talk has been made of the looming retirement of “Baby Boomers.” Most recent there has been several articles written in various media concerning their use of home equity to retire on. Eileen Powel of the Associated Press said “home equity may be baby boomers’ salvation; while comments of the Sydney Morning Herald says proceeds from selling their house is what six million Australian baby boomers are counting on for their retirement. Personally, I don’t want to sell my house in order to afford retirement.

Recently the Trustees of Social Security and Medicare published the annual report. The report stated that Social Security could be insolvent by 2040 and that Medicare Taxes could double by 2022.

I think we have to ask ourselves these questions:

Can I count on Social Security?
Can I manage the health insurance premiums after retirement?
Is my savings or 401K adequate?
Can I afford to retire?

At my current 9 to 5 the insurance premium for family coverage is $110.00 A WEEK. And that’s just my portion of the premium. Above and beyond what my employer pays.
What will they be in five years, thirty, fifty, seventy percent higher? It doesn’t matter; we can’t afford them anyway.

Huge numbers of boomers are looking to start a home based business to supplement their retirement income. They want to continue their life style and cutting back is not in their vocabulary.

I have researched many Internet Businesses. One must be very careful not to fall into the trap of thinking he or she will become an overnight millionaire. Doesn’t happen. It takes time, effort and endurance. However, many people have developed profitable home businesses. And yes, some have even made millions. But again, it didn’t happen overnight. Multiple streams of income and residual commissions are necessities to successful Internet businesses.

If you’re considering an on-line home based business whether you’re a boomer looking to supplement your retirement income or just want out of the 9 to 5 the key to your success is planning, acting on that plan and consistent effort.